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Ma Tri - Bon Heart Mantra audio CD
Ma Tri - Bon Heart Mantra audio CD

Ma Tri - Bon Heart Mantra audio CD

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Chanted by Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche

Om Ma Tri Mu Ye Sa Le Du

Ma Tri is one of the three Bon Heart Mantras. This mantra is a powerful practice for clearing and healing emotional difficulties and transforming the five poisons of anger, greed, ignorance, jealousy and envy into the five wisdoms. Through the last 6 syllables of this 8 syllable mantra we clear the karmic conditions that cause us to be reborn in cyclic existence within the 6 realms.

Ma Tri has the power to clear the karmic traces and karmic debts in the stream of our consciousness and within the beings of the six realms of existence. The benefit of this practice is infinite. Because of the causal seeds associated with the six realms we have been reborn in each of these realms many times. We have become imprisoned within the continuum of suffering. At the beginning of this practice we pray to the Dulwa Shendrug, the six compassionate Buddhas, to help us liberate ourselves and all beings through the power of compassion.