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Founded in 2010 by Tempa Dukte Lama, Olmo Ling Publications is the first Bon publishing house. We publish translations of classic texts, practices, and commentaries from the various spiritual traditions of Tibet. Our mission is to embrace all spiritual traditions of Tibet and provide a broad range of publications, including translations, teachings, children’s books, and titles by practitioners and scholars that support the integration of spiritual practice in the Tibetan traditions in the West.

We particularly seek to preserve the ancient wisdom of the Bon teachings for future generations and make its teachings available in the West through translations, commentaries on essential Bon practices, and teachings of past and contemporary Bon teachers. There is little literature available in English to help practitioners learn about the teachings, history, and culture of Bon, establish a closer connection with the living Bon masters, and study advanced texts and practices in English. Our titles introduce Westerners to the traditions and practices of Bon and provide a connection between Western practitioners and the lamas who carry the Tibetan wisdom traditions. Along with making the spiritual teachings of Tibet available to the world community, we seek to preserve the vast knowledge of senior Bon and Buddhist Tibetan masters for present and future generations.

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